Games Beat Books 2:1 On Kindle's Sales Chart

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Here's a curiosity: Over the past 90 days, eight of the top 12 sellers in the Kindle Store - including all of the top six - are games, dusting President George W. Bush's memoir and heavyweight writers like John Grisham.


Now, they aren't the games that necessarily fire up you or me - Mahjohng, Sudoku and two flavors of Jumble (that scrambled word game) - are in the top six. Price point may also have something to do with it; the four books are $9.99 or $12.99, the games run from 99 cents to $3.99.

Still, what constitutes a gaming device? Is the Kindle one? Maybe folks don't buy it for the purpose of playing games, but they seem to be quite open to the idea once it's in hand.

Kindle Store: Last 90 Days



I feel stupid for not realizing this had games. Thanks for the heads-up!

May not be quite enough to kindle my interest, but I can see some potential uses and conveniences in such a device.