Games Ban Might Encourage Somali Teens to Shoot Real Guns

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Somalia has a ton of problems, but at least it does have cybercafes where kids can enjoy playing games. But a fun-killing Islamist group has ordered them shut down in a ban on games in territories under its control.


Hezb al-Islam ordered the cafes closed and declared that "laying video games will be prohibited. Video games are designed in such a way that they destroy our social traditions and for that reason, anybody found ignoring this order will be punished and equipment will be confiscated." Yikes. "Punished" doesn't sound like it means you're grounded.

GamePolitics, which spotted the item, notes that by taking away games - much in the same way films have been banned - the group might be deliberately giving them nothing to do except join up a local militia fighting in and around the capital. So these Hezb al-Islam jokers are both mean and evil.

Islamist Group in Somalia Bans Video Games [Game Politics]


Michael Dukakis

These people are in DeNile. You can't just do this to people, Kenya...