Games-Addicted NFLer Doesn't Make The Team

Quinn Pitcock, who climbed up from the rock bottom of self-described games addiction to give his NFL career another shot, did not make the final cut with the Seattle Seahawks.

An all-America defensive lineman at Ohio State, Pitcock's first stint in the NFL, with the Colts, flamed out thanks to a combination of depression and obsessive gaming, usually with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. After many abortive cold-turkey attempts at quitting, this year he sold his console and made it three months without gaming, and in that he found the strength to give his football career another shot.


Pitcock had hoped to make the team and use his celebrity to advance awareness of depression and obsessive game-playing, and the need to deal with both conditions seriously.

Pitcock has not been signed by any other team yet. It's not the end of the line. Conceivably he could make a scout team with another franchise. I was rooting for him to make the team; as a non-roster camp invitee, he wasn't on the Madden NFL 11 roster at launch. Making the Seahawks, and that game, would have been a nice turn in his personal story.

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