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Pro gamers went up against athletes at the Gillette-EA SPORTS Champions of Gaming Global Finals in Florida last Tuesday. The result? Total domination by the gamers.


Most of the star athletes were defeated in their own games. Tiger Woods went down before 52-year-old Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2009 world champ, Steven Ward. New Orleans Saints running back Reggie Bush was taken out by gamer Paul Glasgow in Madden NFL 2009. Orlando Magic guard Jameer Nelson lost a game of NBA Live to Steffon Dunlop — adding insult to his recent real-life injury on the court.

It didn't go much better for all-star athletes who tried their hand at other sports games:

New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter tried his luck in FIFA Soccer but proved to be no match for Jose Miguel Morales Herrera (GT: CAPELLOOO) of Mexico. Before the match started, Jeter was asked if he was ready to begin. No, I just learned how to play this game five minutes ago, Jeter joked. Herrera said he would have rather played Tierra Henry but had a good time anyway. He let Jeter score in order to make it seem closer than it really was.


Aw, how sweet of him.

You can watch the Finals on Spike TV February 18.

Gamers dominate athletes in sports game competition

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