Crawling the PAX exhibition hall this afternoon I stumbled upon a smallish booth for Gunnar Opticks. The company is dedicated to making glasses for computer users. The idea is that the special glasses cut down on glare, and reduce distracting external light to reduce eye strain. The wrapped frames and lenses are crafted, I was told, to create a "microclimate" around your eyes, blocking out dry air and slightly increasing humidity around the eyes. Initially it sounds a little silly, but the more you think about it the more sense it makes. I know my eyes are usually pretty worn out after a day of blogging and gaming. The company recently started selling their glasses and have already started plans to craft glasses designed specifically for gamers, in particular PC gamers. The gamer glasses will have offer all of the same benefits, plus special stems designed to be more comfortable under headphones. I plan on checking out a pair and writing up my impressions in about a month. I can see gamers getting behind the idea, even if only for the look of the glasses. Gunnar Optiks