Gameloft's Newest Mobile Game Looks A Lot Like… Crysis 2?

People give the mobile-game developer Gameloft guff for making games that are perhaps overly-"inspired" by other popular games.

But it's interesting to look at them as a reflection of the increasing horsepower and ambition of mobile games—they've certainly come a long way since Hero of Sparta, anyway.

This exclusive trailer for their newest game, Nova 3, demonstrates the ever-increasing sophistication. In fact, Nova 3, which is the third game in their FPS Nova series, looks like nothing so much as Crysis 2, which… well, for a mobile app is no small feat.

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Modern Combat=Modern Warfare

Hero of Sparta=God of War

Eternal Legacy=Final Fantasy



Backstab=Assassin's Creed

Order and Chaos=World of Warcraft

9mm=True Crime

Shadow Guardian=Uncharted

Stay classy Gameloft...