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Following the tragic treasure chest explosion that decimated Ponyville, Gameloft is working on ways to keep their My Little Pony game from collapsing under the weight of the community.


As it turns out, Gameloft wasn't expecting My Little Pony players to have so many friends. Apparently I wasn't alone in my troubles, as other players that had gathered hundreds of in-game pals had experienced the same issue — so many friend-bestowed treasure chests popping up on the playing field that the game would crash upon loading.


There is a solution coming. In the next game update the amount of chests a player can receive will be limited to 100 a day.

Considering the players experiencing the problem have likely already purchased everything there is to purchase with the heart-shaped currency contained within the chests, that seems like a good plan. If not, there's still time to stock up.

As for my ruined game, I've started over, as you can see above. I will make it stronger. Faster. I have the technology.

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