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Gameloft Says They Expelled Women From Their Holiday Party Who 'Became Topless And Tried to Dance With Our Employees'

Illustration for article titled Gameloft Says They Expelled Women From Their Holiday Party Who Became Topless And Tried to Dance With Our Employees

The body-painted topless women at Gameloft's holiday party last weekend were never supposed to be topless, and they were kicked out of the party for trying to dance with employees, Gameloft says.


I reached out to the mobile game publisher this morning, right before putting up our story about topless women at the holiday party, which made at least one attendee uncomfortable. In an e-mail to me this afternoon, a Gameloft representative said there was "misconduct" and that the performers were expelled from the party for being topless.


"Gameloft recently held a series of Holiday Parties around the world for each of our respected offices and studios," the representative said. "One of our studios brought a burlesque circus show as part of the evening's entertainment. By the end of the night, it [was] found that some of the performers did in fact get a little out of hand. In response however, these people were expelled from the event as soon as their misconduct was brought to light."

When I asked for clarification on what they meant by "out of hand," Gameloft's representative said that the performers were never supposed to be topless.

"At some point they became topless and tried to dance with our employees," the representative said. "The contract stated that they would have bathing suits on the whole time, which was unfortunately not respected.

"As a company, Gameloft is committed to providing a fun and healthy work environment for all of our employees. Thus, we are currently looking into the situation more so as to avoid these types of circumstances in the future."


Photo: ollyy/Shutterstock

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The man-children these types of articles bring out, I swear to God.

If you can't understand why having topless dancers at a Christmas party is bad, barring you don't work in the pornographic movie business, I really just do not know what to tell you.

I really wonder if so many of you have ever worked in a professional setting...ever.