Game Pass now has over 10 million subscribers. Xbox boss Phil Spencer announced the stat in a new blog post outlining the downloadable game service’s continued growth. That’s up from 9.5 million monthly users last year. Spencer said subscribers are playing games twice as much since the outbreak of the covid-19 pandemic. 

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I would recommend to anybody who has an Xbox to take advantage of the deal I used:

1.) Wait until your Xbox Live runs out.

2.) Renew for three years (the maximum amount you can bank at once). It’s an initial investment but it’s worth it here.

3.) Upgrade to Game Pass Ultimate for $1, which turns all banked Xbox Live time into Game Pass Ultimate.

For me, I knew I would be renewing Xbox Live each year for the next few years so buying three years of codes now versus once a year seemed reasonable for me and now I’ve got Game Pass for the next three years (well, maybe two and a half years now).

The fact that I knew I was gonna play games like Halo Infinite and now don’t have to pay for them at launch means the deal is arguably going to pay for itself by the time I’m done with it. Beyond that, I’ve stumbled across a number of fun games I probably wouldn’t have bought on their own but I’ve played through them and thoroughly enjoyed them.

Who knows if I’ll keep using Game Pass after my membership expires, but I’ve got a couple years to make that decision. For now I just get to keep enjoying it. It’s pretty great!