Game Moments You Don't Want Your Family Walking In On

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Of whatever screen we're looking at, I'd say at bare minimum a good third of the visual information it displays in an hour is not something we want others seeing. Whether that's Thundercats reruns, saucy e-mails or online personals, or certain game sequences that, out-of-context, might make it look like you're up to something else. GamesRadar, I know I always toss out the lists they're working on, but they have a list of game moments you don't want your family or friends walking in on. Super violence is obvious, especially if you're in a family dwelling. So are strip clubs in Grand Theft Auto and Carla and Lucas having sex in Fahrenheit. But GR also cites "the whole thing" from World of Warcraft - as in, caught playing that is no different than getting busted with porn on the screen. Age and context matter, I think. If anyone caught me playing We Cheer or Ultimate Band I might be in for an uncomfortable intervention, too. So, have you ever been walked in on at an awkward moment in a game? Game Moments You Don't Want a Loved One Walking in On [GamesRadar]


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Barbie Horse Adventure.

Who here actually cried at Shadow of the Colossus? Really? I didn't cry at all. The only emotional part for me, was when Argo shows up limping. He lived! I was like dayum he limped all the way back to his master. But with the ending I was just like. This chick is holding her boyfriend, who's now a toddler in her arms. Then bambi shows up. It was twisted.

ICO was more emotional for me