Game Characters Looking for Love in All the Creepy Places

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Game characters putting ads on Craigslist personals? Why, that idea sounds familiar. Asylum wrote ads from Solid Snake, GLaDOS and others, trolling for replies. Wait til you see what someone wrote to the Little Sister.

Posting on Craigslist in Aruba, Little Sis writes that she doesn't have any Adam in her - but she sure would like to!!! wink nudge thats-what-she-said rimshot.

Hi guys!!! I just turned 18 and I'm looking for a hunk to bring me Rapture! No fatties! I want a musculer guy with a big "drill" (*winkwink*) who knows his way around the bedroom. I'm up for anything (except water sports — ewww!). Teach me please!!! ;)


And the IRL reply:

u for real? 30+ experienced/mature big stick for local on aruba??

You can also see Mario, who straight up says he's from the Mushroom Kingdom, get a rise out of a Texas dude, and Snake gets a spambot reply. Leon S. Kennedy from Resident Evil 4 has by far the most titillating response. Another grand memorial to the power of the Internet to connect the desperate and horny.


Personals from Video Game Characters [Asylum via GoNintendo]

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Since when is Mario bi-curious?