Gabe Newell Hopes He's Wrong About Windows 8

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In an interview with GameTrailers TV that will air tonight, Valve head Gabe Newell elaborates a little bit on his distaste for Windows 8.


Here's the video, in which Newell says he hopes he's wrong about Windows 8 being a "catastrophe," because if he's wrong, the company will wind up making a lot more money. But right now, he thinks Windows 8 makes things a lot more complicated than they need to be.


More of Newell's interview will be up on GTTV tonight.

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I honestly don't understand all of the shouting respect for Gabe Newell, or Valve for that matter. HL2 was fun, but it was just a linear shoot-em-up FPS with some boring NPCs thrown in (Ravenholm/Black Mesa excluded). TF2 and L4D2 are mostly cult favorites, and have always felt childish to me. Moreover, the use of Source in all of their games turns it into a CoD-esque 'copy-paste fest' from game to game. Even Steam, arguably their greatest accomplishment, is slow and buggy as hell for me.

And while I don't really care for it, you'd think that this man would at least address the vast amount of desire for HL3 that has been present for nearly a decade. He's not better than everyone else, and should get off his high horse.