Gabe Newell "Gearbox" Poker Game Was "Tall Tale"

The story Kotaku ran yesterday regarding the origin of a poker game deciding whether Valve's Gabe Newell or Randy Pitchford could name their company Gearbox was a "tall tale," Pitchford told Kotaku this morning. I regret presenting it as fact.


The story in question originally ran on Joystiq, which presented a lengthy e-mailed anecdote from Pitchford that purportedly answered the question of how Gearbox got its name. The story of riverboat gambling was extraordinary, and one I mistakenly took as true.

Pitchford told me today that his intent was to entertain, not mislead. I regret not trying to confirm the story with Valve before publication.


Over Twitter, he wrote: "Enjoy the Tall Tale about the Gearbox name? Read it on Joystiq and give them love! Kotaku too :)"

Apologies to Valve and you readers for presenting a tall tale as a real one. We're all for a good yarn, but didn't mean to mislead anyone.

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One of the great things I love about Kotaku is how quick they are with getting us *everything*.

With that value comes some risk as a huge percentage of the content is harvested from other sources.

I think Kotaku doesn't have anything to be ashamed of here and I think Totilo has been a great addition to the Kotaku team adding lot of great and interesting content to an already amazing site.