Future Graphics Face Off in this Next Gen DEATHMATCH

Illustration for article titled Future Graphics Face Off in this Next Gen DEATHMATCH

These aren't just future graphics. These are future graphics going head-to-head, mano-a-mano. This is next gen graphics death match.


Welcome to another edition of Kotaku Thunderdome: Here, two realtime tech demos enter, one leaves.

Earlier this week, Square Enix showed off its graphics created by its brand new game engine tech, the Luminous Engine.


Tonight, Epic games unveiled its new game engine, the Unreal Engine 4.

Two next gen game engine with two realtime demos. Both give a peek at what the next generation will look like and what tech will power it.

So, which demo looks best? Which one impresses you the most?

This is the tech that will be powering some of the biggest games of the next gen.


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Luke Plunkett

It's funny how Square's engine looks so much better, even though we know nothing of the code. Goes to show that, when it comes to demos, artistic choices can be as important as the actual stuff under the hood.