Fund Bhaloidam To Tell Your Own Story

Bhaloidam is an indie tabletop game revolving around the concept of unique storytelling. This very creative game seeks to let the players tell a story they find interesting, rather than the designer defining your story for you.

This is done through the use of player attributes and dice rolls, using "source tokens" that represent your ego and will to determine your very own story. Check out the video and explanation on the game's page for more information on how it's played.

Goal: $27,900
Notable Reward: $18 - 1 printed copy of the 72-page, full-color, comic-format Bhaloidam handbook.
Chances: Not Good, with a pretty high goal and the deadline approaching, this Kickstarter may have aimed too high and is only slightly more than halfway there.
Finishes: November 1st


Bhaloidam [Kickstarter, thanks Leigh]

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