Funcom's The Secret World Becomes Less Secret At PAX

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We've been chomping at the bit for more on Funcom's modern-day MMO The Secret World ever since the milkshake-ruining trailer appeared in April, and the developer plans to deliver at this year's PAX.

Instead of bringing the player to the fantasy, The Secret World brings the fantasy to the player, taking place in a modern setting, where the occult hides just outside of view. While we've not heard much since the debut trailer captured our imaginations, Funcom has gotten in touch to let us know they have big plans for the Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle next week. Funcom's Erling Ellingsen assures us that exclusive reveals will be taking place, so we'll be there to help shed a little light on Funcom's next big thing.


Hopefully we'll also find out what happened to milkshake girl, as I've been rather concerned.

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This was an MMO? Gee.

I would have never guessed that.

Should be interesting to see what they're bringing to the table.