Funcom's The Secret World Is Not Safe For Frosty Treats

There is a world within our own, where an attractive CG Japanese girl can't even drink a milkshake without having to take on a slobbering hellbeast.

This is the debut trailer for Funcom's latest massively multiplayer online game, The Secret World. Rather than sticking with the tried and true fantasy and science fiction genres, The Secret World is an alternate reality game for the PC and Xbox 360, where the real and the bizarre meet in a world where the occult and alien are hiding at the very edges of vision. The tagline for the game is Dark Days Are Coming, and I'm definitely leaning towards welcoming them.


I absolutely love the concept, and while I've yet to see anything gameplay-wise, this trailer certainly gets the blood shooting through the circulatory system at a slightly faster than normal rate. More please.


Dark Days Are Coming [Official Website - Thanks Marius!]

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mat1cs is not your friend.

looks pretty dope.. but mmo?

monthly/yearly fees just turn me off. sexually and game-wise.