A researcher at the Pentagon-funded National Defense University has theorized ways in which terrorists could use virtual worlds to speak their nefarious code talk and coordinate attacks on U.S. insert. Yeah, insert facepalm. In a presentation, reported on Wired's blog, two freedom-haters swap terms such as "White Keep" and "Dragon Fire," meaning the White House and a nookular bomb, mwahahahaha. Except none of that shit exists in World of Warcraft. In the end, it reads like some sort of case for government spooks to play MMOs. Yippity, hooray.Is this shit for real? Is there some sort of IP address cloaking that automatically goes on when you log into Warcraft, or some way it's more secure, anonymous and convenient than embedding secret messages in porn on usenet? Because really, if you're going to communicate with your fellow militants in this way, not only do you have to get the game, and a subscription, and an avatar, and powerlevel him a little so it's not completely obvious you're just using the character to chat (and to ward off GMs looking to cybersex n00bs), you then also have to speak like Skeletor delivering lines written by George Lucas, whose true meaning could be decoded by a four-year-old. Wired's David Thier speculated on this back in March, and it looks like someone's decided to study exactly what he was talking about. The sad thing? I can believe my taxes pay for this shit. Pentagon Researcher Conjures Warcraft Terror Plot [Wired's Danger Room]

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