The Tokyo Game Show is wrapped, and for the most part so is our coverage. And what a lot of stories, pictures, hands-ons and videos there were.

Here, in a neat little package for you, is the entirety of Brian Ashcraft and Luke Plunkett's coverage from the biggest game show in Japan. The newest stories are up top with the previous day's wrap-ups down at the bottom. Enjoy.

Short Name. Big Booth. Mystery to Westerners.

This booth was one of the biggest booths at the Tokyo Game Show. It took up one tenth of the entire show floor. It wasn't Sony's. It wasn't Square Enix's. More Ā»



Just Because You Know Him, Doesn't Mean Japan Does

The press room on the last day of the Tokyo Game Show was dead. I spent the afternoon in there, finishing up some stories and just when I was leaving, I spotted a slick Mercedes Benz. More Ā»

See All of Capcom's TGS Stage Presentations (DMC, Dragon's Dogma, Resident Evil, etc) In the One Place

Since you weren't at the Tokyo Game Show, you would have missed Capcom's lineup of stage presentations, held as part of the company's enormous (and awesome) booth.
While they were light on news, they're heavy on live gameplay demonstrations and clips, so if you feel like seeing footage of DMC,... More Ā»



Wipe Out Some Sword Slashes on the PS Vita

With Dynast Warriors Next, hack-and-slash series Dynastt Warriors is coming to the PS Vita. The game uses traditional button based combat and touch screen controls. More Ā»

The Rest of the Week's Coverage


31 Playstation Vita Games, A Baseball Monster Kinect Title, 30 Minutes With Dark Souls

Yesterday morning we caught you up on the night's big Nintendo news, this morning it's almost all about Sony following a late night presser that revealed the PS Vita's launch date and a slew of new games.
We also caught press conferences from Namco Bandai and Grasshopper. More Ā»


Tokyo Game Explosion Day 1: Final Fantasy XIII-2, Gold Vitas and... Good 3DS News!

We've got a guy who speaks Japanese and one who speaks Australian tearing through Tokyo Game Show, eyeballing Hideo Kojima, playing the prettiest PlayStation 3 game they've ever seen, and soaking in all the news from Tokyo Game Show 2011.
Here is all the top news from the last 24 hours of TGS...
PS... More Ā»


Tokyo Game Explosion Day 2: Faux Fights, Real Hostesses, Monster Hunter and Testicular Fortitude

The Tokyo Game Show rolled on today. There were boats, booth companions, news and gamplay. There was even a fake fight. And all of that before the Tokyo Game Show opens its doors to the masses over the weekend.
Here's a complete round up of Brian Ashcraft and Luke Plunkett's coverage from Day... More Ā»


Tokyo Game Show Explosion Day 3: Dress-Ups, Butts, and Long Lines

The Tokyo Game Show's first public day brought rainy skies and a flood of gamers. Those who braved the crap weather were greeted with long lines, overwhelming crowds, and cosplayers. More Ā»


Tokyo Game Explosion Day 4: From Massive Crowds to Plentiful Play

The Tokyo Game Show smashed all (TGS) records again this year, bringing a whopping 222,600 people to the massive convention center to play games, dress up and check out the PS Vita. More Ā»

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