The Tokyo Game Show's first public day brought rainy skies and a flood of gamers. Those who braved the crap weather were greeted with long lines, overwhelming crowds, and cosplayers.

Here's a complete round up of Kotaku's coverage from Day 3:

Dress Up

The Cosplaying Ladies of the Tokyo Game Show

Saturday is the day the cosplayers come out to play at the Tokyo Game Show, crowds flocking to the walkways between the show's exhibition halls to see some of the world's best video game costume makers (and wearers) in action.
Unlike the men, however (who you can and should see here), whose... More »


The Cosplaying Dudes of the Tokyo Game Show

If you thought cosplay at the Tokyo Game Show was all women in tiny outfits, you are dead wrong. There's an army of men out there dressed to the nines as well, and they're impressing the hell out of us..
The Evangelion piece was great, being fully posable and even including a knife. More »


It's Hard Work Shooting Mai Shiranui's Butt

Cosplay ain't easy. You need an outfit. You need to make up your face and do your hair. But if you think that's serious stuff, check out what it's like to photograph them.
Here, a photographer shows off his moves as this Mai Shiranui cosplayer shows off her moves. More »


Sometimes You Don't Wait for Games at Tokyo Game Show

Sometimes you wait for other things. Sometimes you wait for food. Sometimes the bathroom. Sometimes you wait for, well, yeah.

You can contact Brian Ashcraft, the author of this post, at More »



When Booth Companions Meet You at the Station

After stepping off at the station, it's a walk to the Tokyo Game Show. Along the way, there were some booth companions (street companions?) handing out fliers and promotional material. More »

Crowded House


Small or Not, People Showed Up at Microsoft's TGS Booth

At this year's Tokyo Game Show, Microsoft's booth was smaller. Smaller doesn't mean empty.
There's been an assumption that because Microsoft has a smaller booth, the company is in retreat. More »


These TGS Crowds Will Swallow the Earth

Sony's TGS booth isn't actually that busy, because half of it has been shut down. So the crowds are manageable. At Sega's booth, though, things are getting a little crazy.
This crowd, spilling out and around the edges of Sega's booth for a presentation, is one of the biggest we've ever seen at the... More »


Vendi! Vici! Vita!


Yes, the PlayStation Vita Can do Fighting Games Just Fine, Thanks

I played Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom on the PlayStation Vita this morning. The thing is, we were only allowed eight minutes at a time on the thing, which isn't exactly enough to tell you the ins and outs of the game (though I did film the game, the footage from which I'll throw up a little later).
It... More »

The PlayStation Vita is too Popular for TGS

Even before the floor opened to the public today, when only press and business badge holders were allowed on the show floor, the lines for PlayStation Vita Games were long. More »


Booth Madness!


Capcom, You Once Again Have the Best Booth at TGS

No matter the year and no matter the games, Capcom always has the best booth at TGS. Forgoing the slick corporate presence of its rivals, it instead opts for elaborate themed demo kiosks, in 2011 deciding the presence of both Dragon's Dogma and 117 Monster Hunter titles gave it the perfect in to... More »

Toy Town


Metal Gear and Zone of the Enders Fans, This Is for you

Konami's TGS booth in 2011 is boring. So boring, in fact, it's not even worth a gallery. But there's someting tucked away inside that is: this fancy Metal Gear and Zone of the Enders swag.
As far as the action figures go, we've seen some before, while for others this is the first look we're getting... More »