The PlayStation Vita is too Popular for TGS

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Even before the floor opened to the public today, when only press and business badge holders were allowed on the show floor, the lines for PlayStation Vita Games were long. Today, the wait to play Uncharted: Golden Abyss was around 90 minutes before the show even opened.


And then the flood gates opened at 10:00am, and the show became inundated with fans. By 11:00am, all but one Vita line was closed. That game was Michael Jackson: The Experience HD for the PS Vita. By 4pm, they were all closed.

According to a Sony staffer, the most popular Vita demo was the one for Uncharted: Golden Abyss.


While 80 PS Vita demo units might seem like a lot, it isn't. Not when there's tens of thousands of people here. Long lines means long waiting time for most Vita titles.

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Just wondering, what are the odds of 3rd party developers also having Vita demo units around at TGS? I mean, I can understand the paranoid security involved with keeping the Vita demo units under control, but future handheld releases might want to spread the crowd a bit more by having Vita demo units at 3rd party developer booths.