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Frenchies Bust Into Sony Presser Rehearsal, Spoilers Ahead

Illustration for article titled Frenchies Bust Into Sony Presser Rehearsal, Spoilers Ahead

Sony's Leipzig press conference has the limelight all to itself at this year's Games Convention, what with Microsoft saying nothanks.jpg and Nintendo not even bothering to show up. So it's press conference will be full of surprises! And shocks! And all kinds of things you've never heard nor dreamed about! And...oh, wait. Gamekyo have snuck into Sony's presser rehearsal, caught wind of some of it and spilled the beans. Seeing as there are those amongst you who still like to be surprised by this kind of thing, we'll post the spoilers after the jump. Before we start, note they caught only part of the rehearsal, not the whole thing. So there's plenty of room for a major announcement or two. But here's what they did see: Heavy Rain: a new trailer was shown, revealing in-game footage for the first time. LittleBigPlanet : a new trailer, with producer Pete Smith coming on-stage to give us all a final public walkthrough of the game ahead of its release. SingStar: there's a major focus on SingStar in Sony's conference, unsurprising considering the popularity of the series in Europe. Interestingly, Gamekyo say the focus will be on a "new" SingStar for the PS3, which ties in with SCEE boss David Reeve's promise to unveil a "next generation" version of the game at Leipzig. What this means for the existing "next generation" SingStar is anybody's guess. Heavy Rain for PS3 at Sony Conference tomorrow ? [Gamekyo]


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