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Free-to-Play Football "RPG" Gets Update

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Quick Hit Football, the free-to-play online American football strategy game, counts a million games played since its public release two months ago and says it will put out an update early this week that enhances gameplay and playcalling.


An alternative, albeit one not fully licensed, to console football games like Madden, Quick Hit focuses on playcalling strategy rather than in-game action. The player and team progression are designed to appeal to both fantasy football and role-playing game motifs, whereby one builds a team uniquely to his style, develops its personnel and playbook, and then advances in a persistent environment among other team owners.

Quick Hit's first major update will introduce special player skills to the playcalling dynamic. Team owners will be able to implement more than 120 special moves their players can acquire as they progress. The skills range from quarterback elusiveness, to a strong safety stonewalling a ballcarrier, to punters acing a kick's placement to win the field position battle.


The update also adds 50 new plays to the game's playbook and the ability to tag them for quick access in pressure situations. Four new head coaches, announced earlier, will also face players as opposing AIs.

Quick Hit says the update will go live by Tuesday. For more information, see the site.

Quick Hit Football [site]

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Sounds awesome! Wish I get American Football though..