Free-to-Play Madden Alternative Inks Four More Celebs

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Quick Hit Football, the free-to-play online fantasy sports/RPG hybrid Kotaku profiled two months ago, has signed agreements with four more coaches to use their likenesses as opposing AIs within the game.

Marty Schottenheimer, Jerry Glanville, Marv Levy and Herm "You Play to Win the Game" Edwards join the opposing cast in Quick Hit, which focuses on game preparation, playcalling, and player and franchise advancement as opposed to arcade running and passing action.


The coaches will head teams whose personnel and tactics conform to the types of teams they led in the NFL. Levy and Glanville, for example, would probably direct fast-paced offenses, the run and shoot for Glanville and a no-huddle pro set for Levy. Herm Edwards just plays to win the game. Hello?

OK, kidding. Quick Hit has had to put together more than 100 individual deals, the vast majority of them past players. (It's limited to using five current players by the NFLPA). These four coaches will add depth to the season simulation, said Jeffrey Anderson, the Quick Hit founder and former CEO of Turbine.

"Our users tell us they love testing their football skills against the true style of real coaches. We're all about coaching and strategy, and these four new coaches will bring even more authenticity to the single player experience," said Jeffrey Anderson, CEO at Quick Hit.

The game is free and open for signup to the general public.

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Instead of focusing on signing useless deals with NFL "celebs" they need to work on actually adding extremely necessary features. Such as tourny's or seasons or trades or just something more in depth. That's what the game lacks is something in depth.

This game still feels more arcade like than any mode in Madden. I can't wait to see it blossom, but I still feel as if that's a couple more years down the road. They should have just done more closed beta until it was a fully finished product in my opinion.