Free Realms Meets Star Wars In Clone Wars Adventures

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Sony Online Entertainment draws back the curtain on Clone Wars Adventures, taking the successful formula established with its free-to-play, family-friendly MMO Free Realms to a galaxy far, far away. Check out the first trailer here!


Rumored in March and due out this fall, Clone Wars Adventures is a massively-multiplayer online Star Wars game for kids, families, and casual gamers. After achieving massive success with its first family-friendly MMO, Free Realms, SOE applies the same business model to the Star Wars universe.

Based on the popular cartoon, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, the game will feature a wide variety of gameplay, including lightsaber duels, starfighter battles, tower defense, and droid programming puzzles. There's even a collectible card game built right in.

"Clone Wars Adventures is the ultimate destination for fans of The Clone Wars series and will bring the action and excitement of the show to players online so they can experience The Clone Wars universe firsthand" said John Smedley, president of Sony Online Entertainment. "We've worked with LucasArts and Lucasfilm to create a virtual world that is seamlessly integrated with the TV series and a true extension of the show. It's also just flat-out fun to play."

The game will be completely free-to-play, with players able to spend SOE's Station Cash on special items and equipment. A subscription will also be available, giving players access to additional content for a small monthly fee.

Free Realms is a dangerously addictive game, mixing the socialization of an MMO with a constant barrage of engaging mini-games that can see even the most mature gamer (or me) playing long into the night. Add the Star Wars license to that winning formula, and we're pretty much doomed.



On a mildly related note, am I the only person who likes the new Clone Wars animated series? All I've heard about it is unmitigated hate...