Is There Another Star Wars MMO On The Horizon?

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With BioWare hard at work on Star Wars: The Old Republic and Star Wars Galaxies hanging onto life, is Sony Online Entertainment working on a browser-based Clone Wars MMO for kids? Rumors say yes.


Sony Online Entertainment is making a mint with its free-to-play, browser-based family-friendly MMO Free Realms, which is why the prospect of Clone Wars Adventures, a similar game with a distinctive Star Wars flavor, doesn't seem that far-fetched to me. Citing "trusted sources," video game website Gamervision reports that such a game is currently under development at SOE, aiming for a fall release.

We contacted Sony Online Entertainment, and a representative quickly fired back with "SOE has made no official announcement regarding plans for a Clone Wars MMO." Mind you that's not exactly an outright denial that such a game exists; just that official news regarding such a game doesn't exist.

Is there room in the market for another massively multiplayer online Star Wars title?

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Manly McBeeferton

I still don't get how Star Wars can have a MMO (and if this is true, two.) but Pokemon has yet to receive one. :(