Free Radical Cuts 140 Jobs, Up For Sale

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The rumors of TimeSplitters developer Free Radical's demise were a bit premature, but things aren't at all good, as the developer drops over 75% of their workforce and puts the remnants up for sale.

The company went into administration following the shutdown last week, and now Cameron Gunn of administrators ReSolve Partners have outlined plans to offload the leftovers. 140 employees were "made redundant" effective December 31st, with the remaining 40 being offered up as part of the company's sale, indicating "strong interest" by unnamed parties.


It remains unknown what the potential sale means for the future of Free Radical's various projects, and hopefully the leaked concept art won't be the last we've seen of TimeSplitters 4.

Free Radical Slashes 140 From Work Force [1UP]

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My prediction is MS. Having let Bungie go and shut down Ensemble, they'll be looking to bring some talent and IP internal, and I can't imagine the administrators will be pinning a particularly huge price tag on Free Radical. Make TS a 360 exclusive and take away another multiplatform release from Sony? Seems like a likely move. They wont even look like the bad guy.