Frank West Returns In New Dead Rising Title

Capcom tonight showed off another new game in the Dead Rising series: Dead Rising: Case West.


Serving as an "epilogue" to the latest game, it will star both Dead Rising 2's Chuck Greene and Dead Rising's Frank West. Which explains that photo of the two together.

Case West will be a downloadable title, similar to the recent Case Zero, and will be exclusive to the Xbox 360. As you'd expect/hope for, it'll also feature co-op play, one man playing as Chuck, one as Frank.



Spoilers for DR1; but isn't Frank supposed to be infected? I mean; that's what the whole overtime mode was about, right? What ending are we to assume was true with DR1 if he's not infected?

I'll also jump on the "Case Zero was worth five bucks" bandwagon. With any other game, I don't think it would have been as worth it, but Dead Risings timed mechanics add a lot of replay value since it takes a few tries to get everything right in the few hours that you're given. Figuring out the timings for that run is extremely fun and allows the player to get pretty creative.

One more thing; since this is an epilogue, is it gonna be a more high level adventure than Case Zero? Will experience still carry over? It'd be cool if the level cap in this game was higher than it is in Dead Rising 2; to give you the chance to get even more powerful.