Frank West Takes A Trip To Fortune City For Dead Rising 2

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A blurry "photo" that's appeared on Dead Rising 2's Tape It Or Die blog shows the game's protagonist Chuck Greene getting a little help from a journalist who has been known to cover wars.

While it's pretty difficult to tell from the screenshot, we're pretty sure that blurry guy busting heads with Chuck is none other than Frank West from the original Dead Rising. The pic showed up as part of a post on the viral Dead Rising 2 site Tape It Or Die, where survivor Johnny Pipes recounts seeing someone else fighting by Greene's side.

So, I go after him. But then I see some other dude. Vaguely recognized him. Maybe saw him at a party a few years back. Maybe a celebrity. Can't remember his name, though. Phil? Floyd? Regardless, he was fighting zombies, too. It was like Oktoberfest! But replace beer with zombies! And drinking with slaughter! It was like I'd died and gone to heaven.


That's Frank, buddy.

So where does Frank West fit into Dead Rising 2? Well we know of one place he'd fit quite nicely. Last we checked the cooperative multiplayer mode had both players playing as Chuck. Frankly I'd much rather play two different characters, wouldn't you?

When Zombie-Killing "Woahs" Turn into Camera Woes (See What I Did There?) [Tape It Or Die]

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Can anyone tell me why Capcom feels they have to shoehorn him into other series? He fits here cause it's his franchise and all but what about LP2, TvC, and supposedly MvC3? I know they said they wanted him to be in as many games as possible (but not starring in the sequel to his own franchise...odd...) but 'Why?'