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Foxconn Recruiter Fuels the iPhone 5's June Launch Rumors

Illustration for article titled Foxconn Recruiter Fuels the iPhone 5s June Launch Rumors
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Okay, it's not a plant manager. It's not even an assembly line employee. It's a recruiter at the Foxconn factory gate.


That being said, it's a recruiter at a Foxconn factory gate—you know, where they make Apple products.

There have been rumors swirling around the inevitable iPhone 5—namely, that Foxconn is now going on a hiring spree. As the International Business Times pointed out, this is fueling rumors that Apple is planning on a June release for the iPhone 5.


In a report on Japanese display makers, WBS News visited China's Taiyuan, noting, like previous reports, Foxconn is hiring up.

Foxconn recently purchased a large stake in Sharp, which is already an Apple supplier.

When a WBS reporter asked a recruiter at Foxconn's Taiyuan factory about all the help wanted ads, he replied, "Now, we're recruiting 18,000 people to make the Apple iPhone 5."

Illustration for article titled Foxconn Recruiter Fuels the iPhone 5s June Launch Rumors

The reporter noted that was a lot of people to which the recruiter replied, "That's because it seems like it will go on sale around June."

The interview was conducted from a distance, and it doesn't look like the recruiter knew he was on camera and his reply is hardly rock solid.


Apple usually releases its iPhone hardware in June: the iPhone 3G went on sale in a June; the iPhone 3GS dropped in a June; and the iPhone 4 launched in a June. The iPhone 4S was released in an October, so it's a bit of an oddity. We'll know this June if the iPhone 5 is indeed coming out—or maybe, we'll know this fall.

"日の丸液晶"新会社始動 [WBS via Naver]

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Actually, correction to the article - the iPhone 3G came out in summer 2008, not November The 4S is the only iPhone released outside the summer cycle.