Fox News Debate of Federal Funding for Games Goes About Like You'd Expect

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Here's a video that is uncomfortable to watch on two levels. The first is that I feel terrible for Brian Ambrozy, the editor-in-chief of Icrontic, who is appearing on Fox News to try to explain why and what kind of video games are now eligible for federal arts funding. The second is the nonstop assault Fox and its counterpoint ringer make on one's intelligence.


Only an idiot would say that Call of Duty is eligible for a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts. Only an idiot would believe it. Only an idiot would believe the government is giving tens of billions of dollars to video game development, as Fox insinuates. But all this makes for good video and outrage in the nursing homes where Fox News' weekend programming has its highest penetration. So off we go, even when Ambrozy points out that giving taxpayer money (notice how many times they say that) to a major commercial release is about as likely as Michael Bay getting a grant for the next Transformers movie.

Then comes something named Neal Asbury with a counterpoint that, in structure, resembles the Chewbacca defense. Which is to say he wasn't even paying attention while Ambrozy spoke. I'm not sure who Asbury is or why he's even qualified to talk about federal arts funding or video games. At least the latter is the subject Ambrozy deals with as part of his job. Asbury seems to be nothing more than a weekend pinch-hitter from Fox's rolodex of drive-time radio demagogues. Neither he nor the host are interested in what's being said, only what they're saying.

Ambrozy does get in a good dig—"I'm talking to entertainers here"—but he never had a chance. He deserves respect (if not sympathy) for taking the very thankless role of presenting the gaming-as-art point of view for a program that had no intention of treating it seriously. That said, I have to wonder why anyone would agree to appear on Fox News as an advocate for any subject to which the network is so recognizably hostile.

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I am conflicted about this. The conservative guest was a fool and had no knowledge of the National Endowment for the Arts or video games. Fox News intentionally pitched the issue as tax money for CoD which is blatantly incorrect. Please don't do them the honor of thinking they got this wrong because they don't "know". They know exactly what CoD is and they know that's not what's being funded. The producers and writers are young and they know what's what. That is intentional spin. There was no attempt to discuss the issue on any kind of intellectual level.

My conflict comes from the core issue. I love games. I've been playing games all day today. However I paid several tens of thousands of dollars in taxes a month ago. That is bullshit. If they are pissing some of that money away on funding games that are so bad they won't sell enough copies to pay for themselves then that needs to be stopped. I am tired of having half my money taken away and given to people who won't work for a living like I do. That's the attitude of people that watch and agree with Fox News. I can't say they are 100% wrong either. There actually are teachers all over the country losing their jobs to state budget cuts. A $100,000 grant for an artsy video game would cover two teacher salaries and benefits. That's two people feeding, on average, two children whom they probably buy a few video games for each year.

I work my ass off all week long. I come home and take care of my house that the bank owns. I feed my children and take care of them. The government takes nearly half the money I earned and gives a lot of that to ass hats sitting on their dead asses at home playing the video games that I don't have time to play because I work so many hours.

The Fox News piece was a joke but if we were having a real, legitimate debate about funding games as art with tax dollars, I would be on the other side.