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Four New Bioshock Infinite Screens and a PAX Panel You Might Want To Catch

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Just about any new Bioshock Infinite news is good Bioshock Infinite news. Today the fine ladies and gents over at Irrational Games released four new screens—two are different, provocative angles on what we've seen before, and two are new.

But wait— there's more! These screens also came with the news that Creative Director Ken Levine will be at PAX next week, along with Troy Baker and Courtney Draper, the voices of Booker and Elizabeth, respectively. They'll be talking about the characterization of the lead characters and you can expect Kotaku to be there too. Going to be at PAX? You can come too! Just be at the Unicorn Theater Saturday, August 27th at 2PM to catch the panel.