Foundation Established in Brandon Crisp's Memory

Usually, the final act in the very public death of a child is the establishment of a foundation in his or her memory. The family of Brandon Crisp, the 15-year-old found dead after running away from home following an argument over video games, have begun one to help underprivileged children play sports. The family blames "video game addiction" for Brandon's disappearance, so the message here is clear. Turn off the console, get outside, and play with friends in a real game, in the real world. And we should. Microsoft Canada assisted authorities and pledged reward money during the search for Brandon. Not sure if they're making a donation — not sure if it'd even be accepted, given the family's grief. One would think they would, though, to show that the games community sympathizes and laments this horrible tragedy as well. Brandon's funeral mass will be Friday in his home town of Barrie, Ontario. More than 1,000 are expected to attend. Grieving Family of Brandon Crisp Establishes Foundation in His Memory [Canadian Press]


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