Forza 5's 'Driveatar' Will Mimic Your Style for Others to Race Against

Promising "the end of AI" in its driving series, Forza 5 will introduce something called "Driveatar," which will learn from players personal driving styles and upload them into the cloud as racing opponents, Turn 10 Studios said on stage at Microsot's E3 news conference.


Driver tendencies such as acceleration, aggression, how they drive in traffic and where they attack the corners will all form a Driveatar profile, available for players to race against even when their owners are online.

How these driveatars will be more sophisticated than most of what we see in online racing—sitting on the right trigger, never braking, crashing through traffic and drifting in every corner—remains to be seen.

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races for you while you are away???

isn't the point of actually PLAY them yourself?