Fortnite's Jetpacks Are Live, Here's How They Work

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The wait is over: the much-anticipated jetpack has finally arrived in the 4.2 Fortnite update. It is an item unlike any other in the game, with Epic creating an entirely new gear type called “backpacks.”


Not to be confused with the already existing back bling—which are purely cosmetic—backpacks will take up an inventory slot, just like other weapons and items. In this case, the jetpack will be a legendary item that can be found in treasure chests. You can only have one, and during use, it will hide your back bling. Putting it on will be much like taking a few seconds to equip a shield.

You use the jetpack mid-jump to fly for limited periods of time, before you have to stop and recharge it. You can’t actually target other players while flying about, unfortunately—it seems that this is strictly a mobility item. Be careful, though. It seems like it’ll be pretty easy to whiff it with a jetpack. Fall damage still applies!

While this is the biggest addition to the game today, there are a variety of other tweaks, including increased drop rates for defensive items such as shields, and decreased drop rates for traps and bandages. You can read the full patch notes here.

Here’s what it looks like in action:


Oh crud, RIP me, I already can’t hit an earthbound target.