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Fortnite Players Are Getting Abducted By UFOs

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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Image: Epic Games

As the latest Fortnite season nears its end, players are being zapped by mysterious beams of light that seem reminiscent of UFO abductions.

Fortnite players have been posting clips of their abductions on Reddit and Twitter. Most of them seem to occur at the game’s drive-in movie theater Risky Reels. A green flash in the sky locks onto a player and lifts them into a wormhole, which then dumps them onto a random part of the map.


Getting abducted seems random, and players get their health and shields restored in the process. Ultimately, these kidnappings are a benign foreshadowing of Chapter 2 Season 7, which might be alien-themed.


Over the years, Fortnite’s battle royale mode has introduced a huge, sprawling story featuring pirates, super spies, the Marvel Universe, an allegedly inappropriate banana, and a truly dizzying number of crossovers with characters from films, comics, other games, and even literature.

The current season, “Primal,” is focused around wildlife and is scheduled to end on June 7. Epic Games also posted a guide for things you might want to wrap up before the next season kicks off on June 8.