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Fortnite's Chapter 3 Is Already Starting To Leak Ahead of Season Finale

A leaked trailer and a recent Instagram post from The Rock tease Fortnite Chapter Three

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
A woman and a fish man stand--guns at the ready--while enveloped in a purple fog as explosions cascade around them.
Screenshot: Epic Games

A Fortnite trailer has been found on TikTok, which allegedly depicts our first glimpse of the outrageously popular third-person battle royale’s third major map. The trailer also provides some huge hints at the finale of Chapter Two, which many believe got its own teaser on Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s Instagram yesterday.

The trailer—which allegedly leaked on TikTok—depicts a group of characters standing at the edge of a cliff, overlooking the game’s map, as music plays. A deep bass sound, like beating hollow metal, causes a woman to look over her shoulder. A man looks up at the camera, before a whine and a flash of light throws the scene into chaos. Characters are immediately submerged, there are momentary glimpses of strange structures in the water, and then everything goes black. The scene then cuts to a shot of Jonesy, a major character in the game’s narrative, looking at a massive structure as he treads water in an expanse of ocean. The structure then falls, revealing that it is the game’s new map. When it makes contact with the water, a tidal wave crashes out and swallows Jonesy—ending the trailer.


Fortnite, the third-person battle royale published by Epic Games, has managed to become a cultural juggernaut in spite of its humble beginnings as a game focused on co-op wave-based base-building. Upon its tepid release, the game quickly pivoted to the battle royale format, in which a hundred players are dropped onto an island to vie for resources, while trying to murder everyone else. Through its art style, phenomenal marketing, and unparalleled amount of branded content (including virtual concerts), Fortnite has all but transcended the title of “game” and—like Minecraft or Robloxhas become a platform unto itself.


The game’s overarching narrative is broken up into chapters—each with their own unique map and new mechanics—and seasons—with new themes, weapons, and vehicles. New seasons are meaningful, but new chapters are revolutionary on account of the battle royale genre’s focus on map knowledge and design. Chapter One ended with the game being taken offline for several days...and people totally lost their shit.

Chapter Two began on October 16, 2019 and extends all the way through December 4, 2021—which puts into perspective just how long the game has been building to this moment. Fortnite has been in Chapter Two for over two years—and in two days that changes (wow, I love numbers). Sadly for some—and gratefully for others—a trailer for Chapter Three has allegedly leaked on TikTok.

This trailer isn’t the only teaser for the end of Chapter Two, however. On March 16, 2021, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson posted a video to Instagram where he spoke about the significance of the day—vaguely rambling about two worlds, DNA, power, and, most importantly and most cryptically, “the Foundation.”


Out of context, this video was pretty meaningless, which led to it flying under the radar for some time. However, some players began to suspect that The Rock was voicing one of Fortnite’s most important and mysterious characters: The Foundation.


This has since been all but confirmed in a recent Instagram post where The Rock shills for his ZOA energy drink while saying Fortnite-related terms with odd emphasis—all the while The Foundation’s helmet sits in the back of his energy-drink-only refrigerator. At several points in the video, the camera makes an odd flipping movement while the music is replaced by a strange bass thrum—similar to the sounds in the recently leaked trailer.

All of these threads will, hopefully, tie together on December 4—when “The End” comes and Fortnite moves into its next, likely very strange, Chapter.