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Fortnite Chapter Two Ends On December 4 With 'The End'

With the convergence complete, players prepare for a final epic battle against the Cube Queen

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Fortnite characters march toward the Cube Queen in an illustration for Chapter Two's ending event.
This December, vengeance is cubed.
Image: Epic Games

After eight seasons of cubic drama, Fortnite’s second chapter comes to a close in a special event aptly titled “The End.” The one-time-only in-game event, which starts December 4, will have players rallying against the Cube Queen in a battle for The Island.

The Cube Queen has been hovering over the middle of the map for several weeks now, taunting players from within her impervious shield as she spread her corruption throughout The Island. Now it’s time for her shields to come down and our guns to aim upward, firing their deadly projectiles into the sky until either the Cube Queen falls, signaling the transition to chapter three, or we all perish, bringing about the end of the Fortnite world as we know it. Here’s hoping for the first outcome.

You’ll be able to queue up for “The End” alone or in parties of up to 16 a half hour before the event launches at 4 p.m. Eastern on December 4. Since this is a one-time-only occurrence, Epic is encouraging everyone to record their experiences. You’ll want to adjust any graphics settings beforehand, as settings will be inaccessible during the event.


Speaking of getting things done beforehand, you now have a week and a half to finish collecting any in-game rewards from chapter two, season eight, including completing the Cube Queen quests to unlock her various skins and collecting all the paint options for the season’s special Toona Fish skin. If you need a leg up, a double experience event is coming this weekend, and every player who logs in prior to December 4 will get a gift of 225,000XP.

Having only recently gotten into Fortnite myself, I somehow managed to reach level 200 in season eight a couple of weeks back, collecting all of the magical unicorn skins, Toona Fish color variations, and Cube Queen bits. All I have to do now is sit back, relax, and wait for “The End” to come. See you there, kids.