Fortnite Now Lets You Thank The Bus Driver

Illustration for article titled iFortnite /iNow Lets You Thank The Bus Driver signatures normally aren’t worth the paper they’re not printed on, but here’s an example of one actually working: only weeks after a campaign to allow players to thank the game’s bus driver, Fortnite now includes the ability to do just that.


The original petition, first circulated in July and based on the “Thank the bus driver” meme, has since been removed from’s site, but its impact will live on forever, with the ability added as part of the game’s latest patch, which hit today.

There’s not too much to it, but check out the bottom left of this image to see the gratitude in action:

Image: Flqmingg
Image: Flqmingg

So courteous of you, Lickmy7inch.

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It would be cute to see the avatars waving at the bus before jumping