Fortnite’s Latest Update Brings An Actual Movie To Its Drive-In Theater

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I have yet to make it through the entire three minute fan movie currently playing on loop in the northeastern part of Fortnite’s map without getting shot in the back, but that’s part of the fun. The game’s V5.30 patch hit earlier today, bringing new items and modes, as well as a working projector to Risky Reels, the game’s drive-thru movie theater.

Risky Reels was in shambles when it was introduced following the meteor impact back in May, but it’s slowly been getting repaired in subsequent updates. Fresh coats of paint, new 2X4s, and puttied-over holes have cleaned the place up, but for the longest time it was still missing the most obvious part: an actual movie. Epic Games addressed that in today’s patch by adding the winning fan film from its superhero-themed July Blockbuster contest. Created by player Janthony and titled “Prepare For Collision,” the short movie includes everything you’d expect from a Fortnite tribute: vending machines, rockets, and a big dance-off. It now plays on loop during every match.


The first time I showed up at Risky Reels in 50v50 mode there was an opponent already there, watching the film in one of the empty parking spaces. The movie was halfway through, and he waited until it finished to pop me with an SMG. Some people have taken to building forts so they can watch “Collision” in safety, while others claim to have been reported for “teaming,” i.e., helping out an opponent, simply because they weren’t killing people in the vicinity of the screen.

In addition to the projector’s effects on player behavior, it’ll be interesting to see what else Epic uses it for in future updates. I for one am pumped about Fortnite’s potential new Videodrome future.


V5.30 snuck in some other cool stuff as well. Most notably is the Rift-To-Go, a new item that lets players pull out a portal to transport them into the sky for a quick getaway or just to make up distance using the glider. There’s also a new mode that’s points-based: In addition to getting points for killing other players, you can also accrue them by looting containers and collecting gold coins, providing paths to victory that don’t require being an ace builder or quick on the trigger. And, as players quickly figured out earlier today, it’s now possible to thank the Battle Bus driver by opening up your emote menu before hopping off. It’s been a long-requested feature and, as someone whose dad drives a bus, a much appreciated touch.


But one of the other coolest new things, oddly absent from the patch notes, is the new Tomato Temple that’s replaced Tomato Town (RIP). It’s goofy-looking from a distance but also surprisingly big once you’re inside.

There’s a lot of loot that spawns through out it too, and because of its positioning (just inside the northeastern corner of the island) it’s a great place to head to while on the way back from Risky Reels if you’re looking to shoot some people on a variation of the set from Legends of the Hidden Temple.


Fortnites been a little quiet in recent weeks, but between the new portal item, which is likely to shake up combat going forward, and some small but interesting and smart changes to the map, it’s feeling a little livelier at the moment.

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