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For Electronic Arts, It Means 'Mothers I'd Like to Frighten'

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

A Dead Space 2 viral campaign launching this weekend took plenty of chutzpah, I'll give it that. Electronic Arts brought in 200 middle-aged mothers under the auspices of a focus group looking at a new game. They were, aptly, horrified.

Four videos that released yesterday show moms walking into a conference room where they're greeted by a disembodied voice and a video monitor. They then watched some of the worst Dead Space 2 has to offer. All of this goes into a campaign called "Your Mom Hates Dead Space 2." Which implies you're going to love it.


I cringed throughout the four one-on-one videos, not because of what they were watching but because put-ons like this involving unsuspecting victims always make me feel a little bad for them. I was always the guy hanging up before someone could tell me whether or not his refrigerator was running.

But the moms are tough ladies. They take it like pros and it seems their disgust for the game is genuine (well, Celestine, "No. 0124" seems to bear it in a slasher-flick/rollercoaster way.) Video links below.


Dead Space Mom #0138
Dead Space Mom #0097
Dead Space Mom #0124
Dead Space Mom #0122