For $900,000, They Want To Build A Crysis Suit For FPS Gamers

This is far from the first idea for force feedback clothing we've seen over the years, but it is the most ambitious.


What you're looking at here is the ARAIG Exoskeleton (As Real As It Gets). It's made up of three layers (a hardware decoder, undersuit and exoskeleton), and is designed to accurately provide feedback to the user depending on what's happening in a game, whether you've been shot, pushed or blown through a wall.

The suit includes a microphone and surround speakers, and the way it's made the developers claim it'll work with "any console or peripheral, any genre or game".

ARAIG is currently being kickstarted, and if it meets its $900,000 goal, the first suits are slated to begin shipping out in December 2014.

ARAIG - As Real As It Gets [Kickstarter, via PC Gamer]


This + Oculus Rift + Playstation Move confused with Kinect 2.0 = Holy fucking shit.