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We've seen video game publishers sponsor a football team before. Sega & Nintendo have been doing it in Europe for years, and even the Xbox 360 is in on the act. But I can't remember ever seeing a game sponsor a team.


Yes, Pro Evo sponsored Lazio for a game last year, but that was a one-off. A stunt. They weren't the actual sponsors of the team. But for the 2009/10 season, English club Swindon Town will be sponsored by EA Sports' FIFA 10, with the game's title splashed across the front of their away kit.


Sure, Swindon Town aren't exactly a continental power in the game - they play in England's League 1, which is actually the nation's third division - but it still leaves us pondering a very important point: will purchasers of FIFA 10 boot up their game to suddenly find lowly Swindon Town have been transformed by their sponsors into a digital footballing powerhouse?

Because it'd be kind of cool if they were.

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Would've been cool to see any of the teams in the Premier League (or even the Spanish league) sponsored instead. Something tells me EA's marketing budget isn't quite that big though. =P

Honestly though, I don't really get why they'd sponsor a team in a league that basically exist to feed the more well know leagues. That'd be like 2K or Sony sponsoring the Memphis Redbirds for their baseball games. Really, is that going to accomplish anything? Like, at all?

Granted, they're one of the better teams in said league (from my understanding), but who - outside of die hard football fans in the U.K. - is going to notice? I'd imagine said die hards would already be familiar enough with ProEvo and FIFA to make it irrelevant.