Floating Through Life on 8-Bit Balloons

This is a strangely mesmerizing and legitimately deep video from The Resigned Gamer - whose pessimism about life and games is well known, but always an informed perspective.


Let's all take a ruminating journey with Balloon Fight, read the wisdom of some of society's greatest thinkers, watch video game characters go through their workaday tasks and encounters - because somehow, it all seems to fit together. I'm not sure how. But I am sure that I LOL'ed at "Where is that large automobile?" Good stuff to end the day here in Kotakopolis.

Balloon Trip: An Existential Journey [The Resigned Gamer]

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I love looking at existencially conflicted people who look at life and find it meaningless and pointless.

Because, although I've lived plenty of life experiences, I wouldn't give away my life for anything, because what I've felt, lived, touched, smelled, seen and heard, I treasure with me forever, and anxiously await what the next day will bring.

Because I have felt several different kinds of happiness, and they're all more wonderful than the last. And life... life is INCREDIBLE. Life is wonderful, full of different meanings and feelings which nobody can fully understand.

Looking at these people, it's like enjoying the greatest steak dinner I've ever had in a restaurant, and seeing a grown man, my age, in the next table, crying over his dinner (same as mine), saying "I DON'T WANT IT!". It's funny to see how people just can't make the most of what they're given.

I've lived through depression, finding out about wife's multiple affairs, divorce, death of a parent, suicide of a friend, long-term poverty, and so much more.

And no matter how much shit is thrown my way, I have always, ALWAYS been able to enjoy how incredible life is. And I've never given up on living every single day of my life as if it was my very last one.

Simple things in life, like hugging your best friend just because you feel like it, putting on your new Christmas present-socks in a cold winter night and appreciate how warm they feel, going to the library, picking up a random book and reading it from beginning to end fascinatingly, drinking hot chocolate while it's raining outside...

...they don't just feel good. They feel RIGHT.

To every single one of you, never give up in life, at least until you've tried all of these things:

- True friendship

- True love

- Parenthood

If you haven't... well, how can you even judge life if you haven't lived it?