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Been to a game's official site lately? You probably have. Probably noticed while there that it was a bit crap, full of useless flash pages and 320x240 "screenshots". Here's five ways to fix that.

Owen Davis, from Evolution Research, makes a living telling people that make websites how to do their job. We're not normally that intrusive, but we like where he's going with this.


While overall complaints revolve around general unhelpfulness and convoluted layouts, Davis breaks the whole mess down into "5 cardinal sins" most commonly committed by official game sites. These are:

1. You are abusing Flash
2. Your product site lacks content
3. Your media assets look like they stepped out of 1999
4. Your site is slow and difficult to access
5. Your site is difficult to navigate

All true, all need addressing. So publishers, fancy ad men who think fancy flash pages are more important than decent screenshots and game information: take heed!

5 Cardinal Sins of Official Game Sites [Edge]

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