Only five! There are probably many, many more, but let's start with with five. Web research site My Navi News polled nearly seven hundred of its online readers, asking them to list the things they did not want to find in a guy's room.

Some of the results might surprise you. Some might not.

Number five, at 5.4 percent (multiple answers were allowed), were gambling-related publications, such as horse racing newspapers and pachinko mags. "I hate people who gamble, and I think it's wasting money," said one 23-year-old woman.

There was a tie for number four. At 5.7 percent, the thing those polled did not want to find in a guy's room was a picture frame with the dude's own photo in it. "It's not a photo of someone together, but hanging a photo portrait of oneself," said another 23 year-old, who works in food service.

"Regardless if it's a guy or a girl, I hate people like that." The general consensus was that people who decorated their room with framed photos of themselves were narcissists—though, getting your photo taken solo in front of, for example, a World Heritage Site got the okay from one lady.


"I don't want to be compared to some idol."

Also at 5.7 percent were idols goods, such as idol photos, posters, and photo books. "I don't want to be compared to some idol," said a 29-year-old.


At third place with 8.6 percent was cosplay outfits. "I'd imagine that...he used that with his last girlfriend," said one 28-year-old. "I wouldn't know if he's wearing them or asking girls to wear them," said a 27-year-old businesswoman. While another said she would allow idol goods, but would draw the line at cosplay.

In second place with a whopping 27.8 percent was "moé" style anime goods. "Moé" is the Japanese slang used to refer to super cute, big-eye characters—typically young females.


One woman quoted said that she wouldn't dump the guy if she knew about this interest before hand, but would be freaked out if she discovered his room was covered with stuff like this—as if he was hiding it. "It would really depend on how much moé stuff he had," said a 24-year-old woman who works in retail, "but, yeah, I'd probably dump him."

"Yeah, I'd probably dump him."

And number one with a bullet, at 28.2 percent, was personal items belonging to the guy's ex-girlfriend—for obvious reasons. In a similar study, for what Japanese men don't want to find in women's rooms, personal items belonging to ex-boyfriends was third, proceeded by cigars (second place) and cartons of cigarettes (first), and followed by gambling publications (forth place) and mah-jong tables and tiles (fifth place). Mah-jong is a male preserve in Japan and connected to gambling.


According to this data, the woman polled found ex-girlfriend's possessions slightly more disagreeable than moé anime stuff. This lines up with a previous polling that Japanese television did, showing that Japanese women really don't like anime-style posters, figures or even computer desktops.


But, breathe easy gamers, because video games didn't make the top five. Though, if you are playing moé games, you might want to hide that. Pronto.

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(Top photo: Koji Sasahara | Outlet)