Dudes, Your Girly Desktops and Walls Are Driving the Ladies Away

You might think those posters of big-eyed little anime girls are cute as a button. But according to FujiTV, nearly 80 percent of Japanese women polled give a big no thanks to dudes who cover their room with stuff like that.

On the FujiTV segment, women were interviewed about whether it was okay for men to decorate their rooms with posters of girls. According to the clip, 79 percent balked. It didn't just stop there.


"Eh, no way," replied one young woman, when asked about whether anime or game figurines were okay for a guy to have in his room.

The segment appeared on FujiTV morning show Mezamashi TV's "Koko-Shira" corner. The show is focusing on what kind of things are "safe" and what things are "out" in a guy's room.

"No girls ever come to my room, so my hug pillows and figurines are safe," wrote a Japanese commenter, seemingly with tongue planted firmly in cheek.

It wasn't only girly posters that apparently raised eyebrows, but also desktop wallpapers. "What is this, a game? This is no good," replied one featured in the clip, motioning towards a PC screen.


"At least leave desktop wallpapers alone," wrote another Japanese forum commenter.

One of the women interviewed in the segment mentioned how she wanted more manly rooms. I'm not quite sure what a manly room is, but apparently, it doesn't entail images of anime girls.


The reaction online to the segment seems to be mild annoyance by the online community. "Who the hell do these people think they are?" asked one commenter. "Oh, and I bet single women don't have any posters of men on their walls," chided another.

A Japanese tabloid once polled 800 Japanese women from their teens to their early twenties, and the most popular answer was that they didn't want to marry otaku—530 women said that. To put this in perspective, number three was unemployed men, and four was men who beat women (no, seriously). Number two was dudes who had never dated a steady girlfriend.


Know what this means? If you are a painful anime or game otaku with a room full of plastic figurines and cute posters, there are at least 270 Japanese women who might marry you. Go get 'em Tiger.

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(Top photo: 2ch | フジテレビ)

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