First Screen from NFS MMO Shows Customizable UI

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A post on Need for Speed: World Online's official blog explains its "a user-selectable gadget interface designed specifically for the PC." Pretty much anything can be added to, deleted from, or moved about the readout.

"We think its about time PC gamers had games that allowed them to arrange their information their way," says a developer. Instead of building a traditional console view, they're developing one that accounts for the increasingly customizable PC gaming experience, which needs to account for multiple monitors as more the norm than the exception.

That's the screen of the in-development game above.

"The gadgets are really flexible and offer a wide range of display options: docked/undocked, floating in the game window or just sitting outside of the game space," says the dev. "A lot of gamers now have more than one monitor so you could keep the game window entirely clean and then have all the gadgets sit in the other monitor."


NFS: World Online gets a release in Asia this year before going to the rest of the world. It'll be a free, web-based MMO set in the racing world.

NFS World Online Interface Revealed [Need For Speed Official blog, via Evil Avatar]

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Mind me for asking but what does free mean in this case? is it just out right free, or do you purchase it first then there is not subscription?