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First Resistance 3 Screens Paint A Grim Picture

Illustration for article titled First Resistance 3 Screens Paint A Grim Picture

A collection of screenshots and concept art for Resistance 3 have surfaced, painting a wonderfully dark picture of the United States in the grip of the Chimeran forces. Can Joseph Capelli save the day?


Kotakuite Darkos87 pointed us towards these fresh Resistance 3 screenshots and concept art pieces on Flickr, giving us our first look at the third game in Insomniac's hit series since the live action trailer shown at GamesCom.


And what of the new protagonist? The screenshots call him Capelli, which makes him Joseph Evan Capelli, Nathan Hale's squadmate and helper of sorts from Resistance 2. It looks like Capelli will be taking up the fight where Nathan left off at the end of the last game.

Edit: Updated with Capelli info.

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I find it disturbing that PS3 exclusive shooters are lacking split screen main campaign coop. The last exclusive shooter with it, was the launch title Resistance, that was in 2006!

Don't give me the bullshit that people hate playing on small portion of the screen. We put up with half of 4:3 640x480 pxl TV back then. Now we have 16:9 1920x1080 pxl TV, and split screen is unacceptable?

Also, KZ3 is in real 3D right? that means Guerilla can render the two different gorgeous 16:9 KZ3 image simultaneously. maybe not at full 1920X1080 each, but the point is if Guerilla can do it, Zipper can do it, Insomniac can do it.

Socom 4 and Resistance 3 better have split screen main campaign coop.