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First Nostalgia Trailer Evokes Feelings Of Familiarity

Ignition Entertainment's Nostalgia for the Nintendo DS is accurately titled. Developed by Matrix Software and Red Entertainment, it will have Japanese role-playing game fans waxing nostalgic due to its well-worn mechanics and allusions.

Flying airships? Check. Dungeon battles? Check. Plucky young spike-haired anime characters going on a globe-trotting adventure, fighting dragons, wyverns and other unimaginable evils? Check please! Nostalgia's game development pedigree is rock solid and looks to not rock the boat with any of its RPG conventions, perhaps with the exception that's it's set on Earth, spanning real world locations that include New York, London, and Cairo.


The first trailer for Nostalgia is dramatic and cut scene filled. Interested?

RPG Dream Team Delivers Steampunk Nostalgia To The DS [Kotaku]

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If the story is honestly good, and the gameplay isn't too slow... fine. I might be willing to give it a go. Presentation wise though, the game has a lot to answer for.